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Image by Milan Zmátlo

Latvia, a magical country on the Baltic Sea, impresses with its diversity of natural beauty, rich traditions and a fascinating history.

The capital Riga, with its impressive old town, impresses with its medieval architecture and charming mix of different architectural styles. The magnificent Art Nouveau buildings give the city a unique atmosphere.


The nature of Latvia is breathtaking. From endless forests to sparkling lakes to the golden sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea coast, the country offers a variety of landscapes that captivate nature lovers. The Gauja National Park delights with its deep gorges and picturesque river valleys, while the coastal region with its dunes and picturesque fishing villages invites you to explore.


Latvian culture is characterized by a rich heritage reflected in folk music, crafts and traditional festivals. The warmth of the residents and their hospitality make a visit to Latvia an unforgettable experience. The delicious local cuisine, ranging from savory dishes to tempting sweets, is a true feast for the senses.


Latvia is a country full of contrasts, combining history and modernity in a fascinating way. It invites visitors to discover its beauty and be enchanted by its diversity.

Image by Kristaps Ungurs
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